Dissertation: South Schleswig Danish

In June 2023, Sabrina Goll successfully defended her dissertation Südschleswigdänisch. Strukturelle Bestandsaufnahme aus dialektologischer Perspektive (South Schleswig Danish. A structural survey from a dialectological perspective). Her work is the first to systematically examine the question of how grammatical features of South Schleswig Danish – the non-standard variety used by the Danish minority in South Schleswig … Read more

New publications: Constructional Approaches to Nordic languages & The Devil is in the schema

A new volume that co-edited by me and my colleagues from the University of Gothenburg has just been published: This volume presents a number of recent studies on Scandinavian languages from a construction grammar perspective, covering a wide range of topics: from syntactic to phonological phenomena, from language change to language acquisition. My contribution is … Read more

Article: South Jutlandic data from Wenker’s atlas

My latest paper (in Danish) has been published in Målbryting dealing with the potential of the South Jutlandic data collected for the German Wenker Atlas in the late 19th century. The material has long been dismissed as little useful in dialectology, but in fact it provides information about the extent to which contact-related grammatical features … Read more