Nordic Research on Accent, Acceptability and Acquisition (NordAc³)

Nordic Research on Accent, Acceptability and Acquisition (NordAc³), the concluding workshop for the project Danish as a Neighbour Language (dans): Pronunciation Competence in Danish in German Schools (2015–2018), will be held in Kiel on 21–22 March 2019. The workshop focuses on

  1. current empirical findings:
    • Which perspectives on L2 pronunciation, including the use of listener ratings, are being discussed in current studies?
    • Which fundamental implications for teaching purposes can be drawn from recent L2 pronunciation studies?
  2. methodological aspects:
    • How can different dimensions of pronunciation (especially acceptability) be defined and measured?
    • How can the mutual influence of different dimensions be measured, e.g. the influence of accent on acceptability?
  3. the relevance of research on L2 pronunciation for teaching:
    • What do teachers need to know? What should we teach teachers?
    • Which aspects of L2 pronunciation in general and which language-specific phenomena in particular should be part of teacher education?

See the call for papers for a more detailed description.