Constructions in the Nordics 1 (CxGN 1)

The workshop Constructions in the Nordics 1 (CxGN 1) was held at Kiel University on the 24 25 October 2019. This workshop gathered both constructionist researchers in the Nordic countries, regardless of what languages they are studying, and linguists applying constructionist approaches to any of the Nordic languages, regardless of where they are.

Construction Grammar (CxG) is quite popular in the Nordic countries as well as in studies on Nordic languages. However, CxG events specifically related to the Nordics are rare. CxGN1, therefore, was the first in a series of CxG workshops, continuing in Gothenburg next year (CxGN 2, University of Gothenburg, 16–17 November 2020).

CxGN 1 was funded by Kiel University.